English Curriculum in FMML

  1. Aims
    The English Language curriculum aims to help pupils to lay a good foundation in learning English, paving the way for independent and lifelong learning and effective communication of knowledge, ideas, values, attitudes and experience.

  2. Our school’s English Language curriculum
    ●Ensure that learners are provided with different learning experiences for the development of knowledge, skills, positive values and attitudes.
    ●Strengthen students’ reading, writing and presentation skills by exposing students with reading lessons and recess activities by our Native English Teachers (NETs).
    ●Develop school-based learning and teaching materials that cater for learners’ diversity.
    ●Incorporate knowledge beyond the textbook, such as phonics and school-based reading programme for students to develop lifelong language skills.
    ●Promote assessment as learning through the use of formative and summative assessments for effective feedback and progression.